T-Mobile Takes You "INSIDE IoT"

T-Mobile IoT experts demonstrate how IoT-enabled innovation works

    You want to make the right choice for your network technology now and not get left behind for 5G. Our Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) has a roadmap that evolves into 5G to ensure your product doesn’t get stranded.


    NB-IoT is purpose built for extended battery life, deep indoor and nationwide coverage over our secure LTE network.


    Only NB-IoT lets you use the same infrastructure of towers and gateways used for smartphones without competing for consumer and business LTE resources. It’s an unmatched combination of scale and low cost.

IoT Applications

Asset Tracking

Anna Madlener Sr. MVNO/IoT Partner Relationship Manager

Asset Tracking is growing in the marketplace as it provide high ROI and value to the bottom line pivotal point of a company’s digital transformation strategy and allows a company to have insights into their business they did’t have before.

  • T-Mobiles NB network is now nationwide
  • Module costs is driven down to produce a reliable and affordable solution.
  • Dev Kit with Twilio is an innovative way for customers and developers to create their own solutions

Asset Tracking

Anna Madlener Sr. MVNO/IoT Partner Relationship Manager

Security and IT integration are the biggest challenges in developing Asset Tracking solutions. T-Mobile is helping by deploying their internal security team to consult direcly.

  • Helps customers integrate security protocols into the solution
  • Maintain an ecosystem of platform providers that can help integrate with IT infrastructure.
  • All of this has a positive impact on efficacy and the bottom line.

Asset Tracking

Anna Madlener Sr. MVNO/IoT Partner Relationship Manager

Asset Tracking only requires small packets of data bandwidth and only during transmission, ideal for T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network.

  • This extends battery life, ensures a a secure LTE network
  • Doesn’t compete for bandwidth with other networks or devices.

What is Asset Tracking?

Anna Madlener Sr. MVNO/IoT Partner Relationship Manager

Asset Tracking solutions are exploding in the marketplace today in sectors like agriculture, construction, industrial and retail. In agriculture, farmers can monitor moisture in the fields and temperatures in the barn.

  • T-Mobile uses Asset Tracking to monitor emergency generators when a cell tower goes offline, saving time and money for the maintenance crews.
  • Implementations are popping up across industries and drives effectiveness and efficiency.

Guard Bands

Mesut Guven Sr. Director IoT & M2M

NB-Iot was designed to run on ‘skinny’ channels of approximately 200khz. We realized that we can fit a few IoT carriers channels within a guard band without interfering with LTE traffic.

  • This means T-Mobile can provide dedicated secure clear-path channels for low-bandwidth partners at a lower cost.

Tech Certification

Mesut Guven Sr. Director IoT & M2M

T-Mobile complies with industry standards and provides test cases that ensure interoperability. In addition, we help build and test security within partner technology and devices, and provide end-to-end solutions for optimizing their solutions on the T-Mobile network.

  • Partners are encouraged to come in and test solutions at our state-of-the-art labs.
  • We’ve also deployed a device management platform, which allows for NB-IoT firmware updates, configuration and behavior changes.

Retail Backup

Dave Mayo SVP - 5G & IoT Business Chief

T-Mobile offers wireless retail backup to make sure the cash registers never go down.  T-Mobile has built a coast-to-coast networks solution & increased its LTE footprint 3x in the last 4 years.

  • This helps partners increase uptime, and thus customer satisfaction
  • T-Mobile uses a similar back-up solution in its own retail locations.

Innovation Las Vegas

Mesut Guven Sr. Director IoT & M2M

T-Mobile partnered with the City of Las Vegas in their Innovation District. A Ublox module was deployed to to help make street and public space lighting more efficiant and safe.

  • Environmental sensors communicate with a central dashbaord at City Hall.
  • Shared bicycles and additional sensors to improve the quality of life in Vegas
  • LasVegas is using IoT innovation to make the city safer for its citizens

IoT in Motion

Mesut Guven Sr. Director IoT & M2M

T-Mobile worked with Las Vegas on an NB-IoT intensive smart city project. Introduced Guard Band technology which allows IoT data to ride on the margins of the voice and data spectrum without affecting existing LTE traffic.

  • Narrowband is ideal for new applications that don’t require <1 minute latency
  • Vehicle, freight tracking, many non-stationary applications
  • Many on the go applications traveling at street or highway speeds are ready for market

Superior Solution

Mesut Guven Sr. Director IoT & M2M

Competing IoT technologies like bluetooth, wifi etc, are often running on unlicensed spectrum without robust security mechanisms. Customers who value reliability, seamless mobility, security should seek a low-power wide-area NB solution.

  • 50/66 operators globally have deployed NB-IoT and the majors should be deployed in 2019.
  • The technology is part of the #GPP standard family, and will therefore be around for years to come.

Network Status

Mesut Guven Sr. Director IoT & M2M

Since July 2018, T-Mobile NB-IoT is truly nationwide, covering 320MM people. Working with our chipset and module vendors to make available IoT-based low-cost modems for partners to use. 2 are already commercially ready, with several more in the pipeline.

  • In 2019 we will add rural areas, LTE parity using 600 mhz spectrum.
  • Dozen customers on board trial testing the network with NMB-IoT apps
  • 3 customers ready to go commercial.

Marketplace Considerations

Mesut Guven Sr. Director IoT & M2M

Developers should consider whether their applications or devices require nationwide or even global connectivity, and also whether security and reliability is important.

  • T-Mobile offers a nationwide LTE network built on a fast reliable secure LTE core
  • Relationships with 160 global operators around the world for roaming.
  • Pre-certified modems or modules help reduce testing and reduces time-to-market.

Future of IoT

4G to 5G difference

Balaji Sridharan VP of IoT & M2M

The migration from 4G to 5G will drive several things in the IoT market. First, enabling massive IoT connectivity, second, much higher throughput (5G will outpace 4G speeds by a factor of 30 – up to 1Gig/sec). Lastly, latency on 5G will be only 5ms or so.

  • Augmented reality applications
  • Gaming, especially the mobile gaming experience
  • Integration with fixed wireless broadband
  • New applications that no one has even thought up yet!

IoT market focus

Balaji Sridharan VP of IoT & M2M

T-Mobile is focusing on both consumer and business applications for IoT. On the consumer side the key areas are Connected Home and Connected Car. With respect to business, the focus has been on Asset Management and Fleet applications.

  • For Connected Car the focus has been on the aftermarket with SyncUp Drive.
  • Smart Cities is another area of interest
  • There is growing demand for partnerships at the local level between municipalities and T-Mobile.

principled approach

Balaji Sridharan VP of IoT & M2M

There are 3 principles businesses should follow when evaluating and creating new IoT applications. Remember that while IoT evolved from technology, the customer and business outcomes are what matter.

  • It will be critical for leaders to demonstrate the use cases to justify IoT investment on outcomes and value of the application, not the technology alone.
  • Find a technology partner that offers the breadth and depth needed to adequately cover the entire scope of service…

unique opportunities

Balaji Sridharan VP of IoT & M2M

T-Mobile’s technology roadmap includes three key areas. First, the LTE network that supports anything from CAT1 and up. Second, the Narrowband NB-IoT and third is 5G which supports many new use cases for IoT.

  • NB-IoT is a unique differentiator for T-Mobile
  • NB-IoT enables billions of sensors to be part of the network in a cost effective way
  • This drives down the cost of the sensor and greatly increases battery life – critical factors to network scale.

upcoming changes

Balaji Sridharan VP of IoT & M2M

Different systems, operating in silos, need to talk to each other.  A recent McKinsey study showed that 40% of IoT’s value will be realized once interoperability is overcome. This has to be one of the first barriers to be breached.

  • In a smart city environment connected cars need to talk to traffic management systems which need to be in contact with smart parking systems to create a complete system.
  • As more data is captured, privacy and security policy concerns must be addressed in order to gain adoption and value from IoT.

Provide the tools

Balaji Sridharan VP of IoT & M2M

The future of IoT will be driven by innovators and developers looking for the next ‘killer app’.  T-Mobile’s role is to get the right technology into the hands of these innovators as seamlessly as possible.

  • T-Mobile’s launch of NB-IoT, leading global technology innovation within the sector
  • T-Mobile’s partnership with IoT development platform Twilio.

The future of IoT

Balaji Sridharan VP of IoT & M2M

The future of IoT involves ecosystems being built that transcend today’s silos. For example, smart cities will begin to communicate with autonomous cards to enable traffic to flow freely and get people to their destination faster.

  • The same commuter when driving home will signal the smart home to increase the room temperature
  • Perhaps alerting the commuter that a stop is needed at the grocery store initiated from a smart refrigerator.
  • Autonomous grocery delivery?!


Leveraging Cradlepoint

Dave Mayo & Jason Kleberg T-Mobile IoT & M2M

T-Mobile is leveraging the cradlepoint solution to backup network connection it retail stores.  Cradlepoint backup “saves” directly increased availability at retail.

  • T-Mobile’s coast-to-coast LTE network solution grows every year
  • Availability is the primary measure of success
  • Cradlepoint solutions ensure the doors are always open, reps are always available.

Customer Wants

Shelby Noakes Director of M2M and IoT Sales

IoT customers have vastly different coverage needs. By leveraging the 600Mhz spectrum acquisition, T-Mobile is able to add coverage throughout the entire US, adding significant value to our IoT offering.

  • 600Mhz spectrum provides coverage to rural America
  • Reaching most of the US has an impact on companies looking to implement millions of IoT devices
  • T-Mobile has solutions for almost anyone looking to implement IoT nationwide


Shelby Noakes Director of M2M and IoT Sales

Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) represents the first network built specifically for IoT devices that need to stay in the field far longer than phones. NB-IoT will be the standard to innovate around for years to come.

  • 2G/3G was built for phones which quickly change and evolve. NBIoT was built specifically for IoT
  • NB-IoT is about deploying a network that change far less often
  • T-Mobile’s NB-IoT network is the first of its kind in the US

5G vs LTE & 4G

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

5G will not replace LTE and 4G: unlike previous generations of technology 5G offers plural connectivity i.e. a device can be connected to 5G and LTE and aggregate services from both, getting best of both worlds

  • Even after 5G is available LTE will continue to provide base coverage
  • NB-IoT will continue to play a role in the 5G world by providing connectivity to many objects that require LPWA (Low Power Wide Area)

Long-term Partners

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

T-Mobile will be the first company to roll out a nationwide NB-IoT network in the U.S. in the summer of 2018, so that IoT innovators can implement 5G-based use cases across the country by 2020

  • T-Mobile is committed to building a nationwide 5G network by 2020 using 600 MHz spectrum– so will be able to address 5G holistically including its ability to facilitate IoT, not just localized use cases.
  • There is a path to 5G and IoT nationwide in the not too distant future


Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

There are great benefits to a 3GPP-based technology approach for IoT such as T-Mobile is taking  Adhering to global standards allows T-Mobile to address ioT on a globally scaled basis

  • We don’t have to build a separate network for IoT, which translates into lower costs for innovators
  • Using licensed spectrum means that we can advantage of a wide range of natively built security features including authentication and encryption and other kinds of defense against threats

5G Use Cases

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

There are many IoT use cases that 5G will facilitate that are not just about speed.  Many use cases are about connecting sensors and tracking objects of all kinds to the network

  • More futuristic case studies might tell us when a house needs to be painted or where your child left her jacket
  • Sensors and devices that connect via 5G represent unlimited possibilities for IoT

5G vs IoT

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

Two things are needed for 5G and IoT: nationwide coverage and mobility (because some IoT applications will require mobility).  As a lower spectrum, 600 MHz propagates better and penetrates further

  • 600 MHz facilitates mobility because it covers every square inch of the U.S.
  • 600 MHz covers both stationary and mobile applications better than the higher frequencies that some companies are looking at, which will be localized because they can’t reach everywhere

Is 5G Really Faster?

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

5G is not just about download speed; It’s also about facilitating vertical industry applications that require massive IoT connectivity with low latency and high reliability

  • It’s also about the ability to facilitate critical communications i.e. vertical industry requirements for low latency and high reliability
  • Key point is that 5G will be able to connect the billions of connected objects that are coming our way in the near future

Lessons Learned

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

We have learned the importance of fully understanding the capabilities of NB-IoT.  We’ve learned the necessity to right size innovation to ensure that it is congruous with NB-IoT capabilities

  • It is essential to be very clear about an IoT use cases’ s precise network requirements

CAT-M + 5G

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

NB-IoT, CAT-M and 5G are complementary. For example, NB-IoT fits Low Power Wide Area networks of widespread sensors and measuring devices that require infrequent communication


  • CAT-M is a richer category of technology that supports basic voice communications so is good for IoT applications that require voice
  • 5G is an even richer category. Though its IoT facilitation aspects are not yet fully defined, it is fair to assume it will enrich many IoT use cases.

IoT Progress

Karri Kuoppamaki VP, Tech Dev & Strategy

T-Mobile was the first company to see the IoT and 5G opportunityT-Mobile was first to market with NB-IoT, first to launch i.e. in Las Vegas and will complete national rollout in summer of 2018


  • T-Mobile’s implementation of NB-IoT will run faster than other companies’
  • Other companies may have jumped on board–but T-Mobile was the first to see the IoT opportunity

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